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Why should I know the youth? Why is this study important?

The youth is the next generation of consumers. In these 15 years of development, between ages 15 and 30, they also develop their consumption style and lifestyles. They are the early adopters of new technologies, movements, trends and products. Increasingly they have the decision making power, cultural influence and buying power. Understanding the young consumers gives business and insight into how the market will develop in the future.
This study will help the participants to see these perspectives, values, internal and external drivers of the young and also to related them to their business and industry.

aim of the study?

What is the study about? 

Our key objective is to understand how the young consumers see the world around them. And then through a series of workshops, understand how their perspectives can and will affect the different industries and commerce in general and how businesses should adapt their strategy and innovation for the youth market.

What has changed?

How is 30 by 2030 different from previous editions? 

This year there are several new aspects to the research process:

  1. Participants of the study get to co-create the research from setting the research questions and topics to analyzing the research outcomes together with the researchers and the youth.
  2. Topics of the research enquiries are focused on the themes, topics and issues that are relevant to the co-authors of the study.
  3. The study is carried out on the Nordic level, covering not only Finland but also Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

how do i get to Influence the research?

How do co-authors get to influence the research?

During our process the co-authors influence the research in several ways:
Co-creators shape the general themes of the research into focused research questions based on their interests and needs.

  1. In workshops 1 & 2 Co-creators shape research directions and questions. In these sessions co-creators voice their understanding, needs, and interests and collaboratively set relevant and meaningful research question.
  2. In workshops 3 & 4 Co-creators participate in shaping of business relevant research insights. In these sessions co-creators relate research outcomes to their business contexts thus ensuring that final insights are meaningful.
  3. In the beginning of the study Co-creators and Collaborators shape research questions by asking questions, sharing perspectives and engaging in a discussion on the study's online platform. 
  4. After the research phase Co-creators and Collaborators shape research outcomes into preliminary insights by sharing their perspectives on the raw research data and relating this data to their business contexts.

what are the DIFFERENT packages?

What is in the packages?

Co-creator Package includes:

  • Two seats in the co-creation workshops
  • Five access links to the online platform
  • Access to the final report
  • Participation in the gala event

Online contributor package includes:

  • Five access links to the online platform
  • Access to the final report
  • Participation in the gala event

Report package includes:

  • Access to the final report


What extra options are available to assist our organization in understanding the study's outcomes?

The project team can help you understand the study's outcomes and relate them to your own business in two ways:

  1. Researchers can give a presentation to your company or team about the outcomes of the study. 
  2. Researchers can facilitate an internal workshop for your company or team to assist you in relating research outcomes to your particular context.

However, these offers are only available when paired with a purchase of the study's packages.

online platform?

What is the study's online platform? How will it be used?

The web platform is an important element in the co-creation process. On the platform co-creators and collaborators get to influence the direction of the research, connect to fellow participants, directly interact with the youth and 15/30 researchers. Moreover, the platform will be updated throughout the process with the newest research input and insights, for example, ethnographic video interviews, content created by the youth, trend inspiration or insights from the research team. Active participation on the platform will allow co-authors to access research outcomes and insights as they emerge.

what is the Research process?

How will the research happen?

During this study our research team will be conducting an extensive enquiry to explore perspectives, values and life situations of the Nordic youth. Our target audience is 15 to 30-year-olds. They live in the Nordic countries - Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Our quantitative survey will reach 1000 young consumers, divided between the four countries. Our qualitative researchers with meet with the youth in all four countries, as well as learn from youth advisors.