THe Online platform

The online platform is the common workspace for the research team and participating companies for the duration of the research process. There you can discuss with fellow participants, contribute to the selection of themes and comment on the research findings. Each week we will inspire you with fresh content relating to the theme of the week. Later in the process the online platform will be the place where you can find the newest research results and youth contributions.

The online platform is included in the online co-creator package

The inspiration packs

Weekly ideas and tools for you!

Each week we offer the online contributors a short package from the young consumers life. The theme for the entire study is to study the young consumer by investigating the big changes they face between ages 15 to 30. The package portrays our view on the topic and will offer a bite-sized introduction to the entire theme and tips how to turn the information into actions in your company. Here you can find two examples of the topics for inspiration packs:

Big changes

Youth is a time when life has yet to take shape and find a direction. Big decisions have to be made in rapid succession, sometimes with little understanding of the effects. The foundations of life are built during our youth – we make mistakes and bad decisions as well as learn and succeed. But what is it like to be young? Can you still remember?

In this inspiration package, we begin building the framework for the Nordic Youth Research 2016 and have a look at the Big Changes in a youth’s life through statistics and first hand narratives.

Life = Growth

Life milestones, worklife, learning, finding your thing, growing as a person. How do all of these things form the way you see the world?

How could we take the personal growing and building the blocks of life into account when it comes to the future? 

In this inspiration package we focus on the long path of life in the eyes of young people and how statistics and other research have looked into it.