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30 by 2030 - the nordic youth study

Overall, it is good to be young in 2016.

The young have many opportunities and options - travel, education, meeting friends, healthy food choices, experiencing and living freely. With so many people moving into the Nordics from all over the world, there are opportunities to see life in a new light, to envision what the society could or should be like. The young feel supported and cared for and they are more free than ever before to be themselves and express their views or identity.

There are some downfalls to being young, however. The market is in recession, and competition in job and housing markets is high. There is uncertainty about the present and the future. Some youngsters feel that they are not taken as seriously as grown-ups – for example when sharing their frustrations about things. Life can be stressful, and the young need to juggle many things at the same time: studies, work, extra curricular activities, spending time with family and friends, keeping up with the current events in their social groups and finding time to relax and rest. Some feel that they are still being labeled as lazy, even though an increasing amount of the youth are driven to depression as a result of stress.

In the report of the 30 by 2030: The Nordic Youth Study you can explore three aspects about the youth. First, you can get to know the youth: their segments, values, decision making and outlook to the future. Then, you can explore the youth as a consumer: their habits, expectations, evaluation of worth and relation to brands. Finally, you can understand how to communicate with the young: the channels they use and messages they want to see. Each of the articles in the report contains key findings, in depth understanding, graphs with quantitative data, key tops for organisations and businesses, and a short video compilation from interviews with the youth.

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