Inspiration pack #8 Megatrends VOL 2

8 Megatrends vol 2.001.jpeg
8 Megatrends vol 2.001.jpeg

Inspiration pack #8 Megatrends VOL 2


The young are the early adopters of new technologies, movements, trends and products. Thus understanding global trends and movements is a step to understanding the young. We started relating the young to the Megatrends in the Inspiration pack #3. In this pack we will take a more general look at the Megatrends.


In this second edition of Megatrends inspiration pack we will focus on the six Megatrends we did not present fully in the first Megatrends inspiration pack:

- inevitable sustainability, 

- polisation,

- optimisation,

- direct democracy,

- new partnership,

- nowness.

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