three reasons why your company should join 

the Young customer is a challenge

We sure know this, as we have been studying the youth for over ten years. The young people represent new ways of consuming and adopt new ways to consume before anyone else. The Nordic Youth Study offers you insight about the young nordic consumers today and give you tools to make the most out of it. The NYS looks into the trends that affect the young nordic consumer and the attitudes they have towards specific features. 

Be prepared for the future

How is your company prepared for the changes in the market and the new megatrends in the horizon? The Nordic Youth Study forecasts the future of consuming by looking into the habits of the youth today. The young people will be the new generation of all consumers, so by knowing what they do and feel today can we anticipate the future scenarios. 15/30 is an experienced 

Our team is here for you

Our multinational, professional and devoted team will at your service. We have a wide expertise within the youth, research, design, and consumer behavior. What ever your challenge is like, we have the tools and attitude to fix it.